Hyaluronic acid injection: an innovation for women’s intimate health

The female genitals are sensitive to skin aging, like all other parts of the body. Indeed, the vaginal mucosa can thin, dry and become more susceptible to vaginal infections. For all these inconveniences, Dr. FINCI can suggest a treatment by injection of hyaluronic acid. For this, we use Désirial® products from Vivacy laboratories, developed and specially dedicated to this indication. The products used are injectable hydrogels of non-animal origin and bioresorbable.

How is Désirial® used?

The treatment begins with local anesthesia. The product is injected using a very fine needle on the surface of the vaginal mucosa or under the skin of the labia majora.

What symptoms is hyaluronic acid effective for?

Vaginal dryness or irritation.

For symptoms related to menopause (vaginal dryness and decrease in the volume of the labia majora), in addition to or as an alternative to hormone therapy.

Scar from painful episiotomy or tearing of the vagina.

After chemotherapy, hormone therapy or radiotherapy of the private parts.

In some indications, hyaluronic acid can be replaced by platelet-rich plasma, also called PRP.

How does hyaluronic acid work?

The product works by increasing hydration where discomfort is felt. Inflammation decreases as well as irritation and itching. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the treatment for optimal effectiveness.

How quickly can I expect a lasting result?

You will notice an improvement in a few days and that will last between 12 and 18 months. It is also possible to inject small doses every 6 to 8 months.

What are the precautions to take before an injection of hyaluronic acid?

Avoid shaving the private parts 48 hours before the session. In addition, slight bleeding may occur after the intervention as well as temporary redness or induration.

The treatment is currently not reimbursed by health insurance and is considered a comfort treatment.

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