Gynécologie à Genève - Dr David Finci


Annual check-up, advice on contraception, sexuality and family planning, research and treatment of gynecological infections, gynecological ultrasound, termination of pregnancy, colposcopy …

Gynécologie obstétrique à Meyrin près de Genève - Dr Finci


Simple pregnancy monitoring, risk pregnancy monitoring, 2D / 3D / 4D ultrasound, delivery: simple or instrumented delivery prenatal screening…

Obstetrics supports pregnant women throughout gestation.

Cabinet de gynécologie à Meyrin près de Genève - Dr David Finci


The doctor’s office is located on a quiet street in the center of Meyrin Village, near la Tour Hospital and the central village square.

It is located in an arcade on the ground floor and has parking spaces, which facilitates its access for people with reduced mobility.

Docteur David Finci, gynécologue à Meyrin près de Genève

Dr Finci

Doctor David Finci studied medicine at the University of Geneva where he graduated in 2004.

His hospital training in gynecology and obstetrics was carried out in Switzerland …