Suivi de grossesse à Meyrin près de Genève - Dr David Finci

A magnificent adventure is now beginning in your life, for you but also for your partner and those around you.

Pregnancy lasts nine months, and it is important to remember that in more than 97% of cases, children are born healthy.
We offer regular follow-up in our office during your pregnancy, to avoid and prevent any complications.
According to the recommendations of the Swiss society of gynecology and obstetrics, the follow-up of a physiological pregnancy usually includes 7 prenatal consultations.

The consultations take place approximately once a month, according to a specific calendar.

Your partner is welcome during these consultations.
First, early pregnancy can be seen by ultrasound in the womb from 5-6 weeks of pregnancy.
Then, as part of this follow-up, 2 important ultrasounds are proposed at 12 and 20 weeks of pregnancy.
Each pregnancy consultation includes an interview, a clinical examination and often laboratory examinations.
The follow-up of a possible at risk pregnancy can lead us to have to carry out more consultations, ultrasounds or additional examinations, and sometimes require follow-up in a university center.

For patients with basic insurance, the end of follow-up is done from 37 weeks at the maternity of the Geneva University Hospital, or the public hospital of your choice.

For patients with additional private or semi-private insurance, all follow-up can be carried out in the office, until delivery in a private clinic with maternity, at La Tour hospital, at the Grangettes clinic or at the General Beaulieu clinic.

Gynécologie obstétrique à Meyrin près de Genève - Dr Finci


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